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Every journey begins with a dream. What did you dream about?

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For years we have crafted bespoke experiences in india & the himalayas for our global travel partners, keeping sustainable and regenerative travel practices at the heart of the product development & operations. 

We keep sustainability and regenerative travel values at the centre of our partnership. The world of travel is changing. Smaller steps, careful steps to collaborate and regenerate. Sustainability is not just a sham to win one more certification, one more award. It is how we value our future generation and what we intend to leave behind.

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Would you not rather have your valuable clients looked after by people who live in the country/region. Have extensive local contacts, personally know these people, speak the same language yet have a global outlook on the travel business?.

We extensively train our local guides, tour leaders and suppliers on the ground for you. Pay them fairly and judiciously. We follow a simple math, look after them and they will look after our business - sustainable!

We directly participate with local communities on capacity building and skill development. Spearheaded number of gender issues in tourism and work directly with local public sector on planing and development of strategic sustainable tourism project/plan (write to us if you want to know more)

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Compass India, Rock Ville Road (opposite Missionaries of Charity) Darjeeling 734101.

+91 9971043321

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